WTF Hall of Fame
Welcome to the Hall of Fame for the World Tecmo Federation. Herein will reside the most prestigious players from WTF history.

2022 Inductees
Percy Harvin - WR
2009 Detroit Lions; 2010-2022 Cincinnati Bengals
Felix Jones - RB
2008-2022 Los Angeles Rams
LeSean McCoy - RB
2009-2018 Buffalo Bills; 2019-2021 Denver Broncos; 2022 New York Giants
Jerod Mayo - LB
2008-2010 Seattle Seahawks; 2011-2012 New York Giants; 2013 New England Patriots; 2014-2022 New York Giants

2019 Inductees
1995 Kansas City Chiefs; 1996 Houston Oilers; 1997-1998 Tennessee Oilers; 1999-2014 Tennessee Titans
   Larry Legend enters the WTF Hall with a combined regular season of 233 wins and 83 losses with 4 ties. His playoff record is a combined 27-15 with 14 conference title games, 9 WTF Bowl appearances and 4 WTF Bowl wins. Not bad for someone who played for 20 seasons in WTF. Great career for a great player.

2018 Inductees
Kris Brown - K
1999 Green Bay Packers; 2000 Jacksonville Jaguars; 2001 Minnesota Vikings; 2002-2014 Detroit Lions; 2015-2016 San Francisco 49ers
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
DeAngelo Williams - RB
2006-2011 Seattle Seahawks; 2012-2013 Dallas Cowboys; 2014 Cincinnati Bengals
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
Jason Witten - TE
2003-2004 Cleveland Browns; 2005-2010 Indianapolis Colts; 2011-2013 Dallas Cowboys; 2014 New York Giants
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(

2017 Inductees
Aaron Rodgers - QB
2005 Cleveland Browns; 2006-2007 Dallas Cowboys; 2008-2015 Seattle Seahawks; 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(

2016 Inductees
Tom Brady - QB
2000 Pittsburgh Steelers; 2001-2012 New York Giants; 2013 New England Patriots; 2014-2015 Cincinnati Bengals
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
DeMarcus Ware - LB
2005-2013 San Francisco 49ers; 2014-2015 Denver Broncos
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
Will Witherspoon - LB
2002-2004 Tennessee Titans; 2005 Kansas City Chiefs; 2006 Baltimore Ravens; 2007 Kansas City Chiefs; 2008-2014 Baltimore Ravens; 2015 New York Giants
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(

2015 Inductees
Rashean Mathis - DB
2003-2014 Buffalo Bills
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
Asante Samuel - DB
2003-2010 Philadelphia Eagles; 2011 Kansas City Chiefs; 2012-2014 Seattle Seahawks
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(

2014 Inductees
Clinton Portis - RB
2002 New York Giants; 2003-2005 Seattle Seahawks; 2006-2009 New York Giants; 2010 Detroit Lions; 2011-2012 New York Giants; 2013 New England Patriots
   Drafted in 2002 by the Giants he immediately made an impact coming in as runner up for Rookie of the Year. He garnered interest from opus' Seahawks and kept Seattle's winning ways eventually leading them to a WTFbowl victory in 2005. Portis earned all-pro selections each of the 3 years he in Seattle. He was traded back to the Giants where he maintained a workhorse load always breaking the 1000 yard mark. It was enough to land him at the #5 spot all-time in rushing yards.
Marty Booker - WR
1999-2011 Pittsburgh Steelers; 2012-2013 New Orleans Saints
   Booker was drafted by the Steelers in 1999 and had an illustrious career rarely catching less than 1000 yards--only 3 out of 15 seasons. He is WTF's #2 all-time all around receiver in yards, receptions, and TDs. While his Steelers only sniffed .500 twice during his career he did earn 6 all-pro selections with them and 1 while on the Saints for a total of 7. In the end Booker was a force that knew how to catch the ball.

2012 Inductees
Peyton Manning - QB
1998-2000 New York Giants; 2001-2005 Los Angeles Raiders; 2006-2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers; 2010-2011 Washington Redskins
   Manning did not finish his career with the prettiest rating in the WTF. What he did do was move the ball. He is the all-time leading passer in yardage, attempts, and completions. He's currently #2 in TDs by 7 measly TD passes. Because of his errancy throwing from the pocket at times he cost himself accolades in the form of All-Pro selections, but his teammates and opponents alike all know that you fear Peyton for what he could do in a short amount of time. He was always surrounded by elite receivers in fellow Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison and the late Haywood Jeffires.
Fred Taylor - RB
1998-2001 Denver Broncos; 2002-2004 Cleveland Browns; 2005-2006 Indianapolis Colts; 2007-2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers; 2010-2011 New Orleans Saints
   Taylor was drafted by the Broncos in 1998 where he slotted up as a receiver his rookie year watching Garrison Hearst take all the carries. He had a breakout sophomore year, though, and rushed for over 2,000 yards. He'd never reach that number again, but he'd get close, and in the meantime he received 2 All-Pro honors in 1999 and 2006. He's currently 4th all-time in rushing yards and seconds in rushing attempts. Taylor found himself to be a hot commodity and visited a number of franchises and cities during his career, but he was as consistent as they come throughout. All of his coaches had nothing but good things to say about Fred.

2011 Inductees
Chris Slade - LB
1993-1995 Seattle Seahawks; 1996-1997 Los Angeles Raiders; 1998-2000 Washington Redskins; 2001-2006 New York Jets; 2007-2009 Dallas Cowboys; 2010 New York Giants
   Slade was one of those guys you hated to face, which was compounded by the fact he played 16 seasons actively. The Seahawks picked up Slade in the 1993 draft as the 1.20 selection. In Seattle he earned Defensive Rookie of the Year honors and an All-pro selection in 1993. He bounced around from the Raiders where he earned an All-pro slot to the Redskins where he earned 2 All-pro slots before landing in NY to play for the Jets. He earned Defensive MVP in 2000 and played a big part during Seattle's WTFbowl championsihp campaign in 1994. Slade ended his career cermoniously on the other side of NY playing for the Giants. He's currently 3rd all-time in sacks and interceptions by a linebacker.
Shaun King - QB
1999-2010 New York Jets
   King made his debut in 1999 and took the WTF by storm. He exceeded expectations by a mile and earned Rookie of the Year honors. Despite only earning All-Pro selections in 2002 and 2004, he was also Offensive MVP for both of those seasons. In 2002, he went into week 16 with a perfect passer rating and then went 2/9 for 63 yards and blew it! He is sole keeper of the #1 all-time passer rating record at 135.3, #1 in completion percentage, #6 in passing yards, and #4 in passing TDs. He also led his Jets to the WTFbowl in 2000. The Jets were sure pleased to have him around for 11 seasons.
Edgerrin James - RB
1999 Green Bay Packers; 2000 Jacksonville Jaguars; 2001-2009 New Orleans Saints
   Edge was as consistent as you could possibly be as a WTF running back never dipping below the 1200 rushing yard mark. He started his career with the Packer/Jaguar franchise, then played out the remainder of his 11 seasons for the Saints. He never smelled the big dance, but he put up big enough numbers to earn 4 All-Pro selections including his stellar rookie year that was overshadowed by Emmitt's record-breaking performance and fellow rookie Shaun King's breakout. He currently stands 5th all-time in rushing yards, 4th in rushing TDs, 7th in RB receiving yards, 6th in RB receiving TDs, and 4th in rushing touches, and is the Saints all-time leading rusher.

2010 Inductees
Bubba Franks - TE
2000-2009 San Francisco 49ers
   What can you not say about Bubba? The man was a tried and true 49er through 10 amazing seasons, and is the 49ers leading all-time receiver. That may be an afterthought when you see he is the all-time leading receiver of any TE in WTF history. The first half of his career definitely shone brighter than the last half, but he did it to the tune of 6 All-Pro selections (2000-2005), and led the 49ers to their sole WTFbowl victory in 2006. He was a blocking beast, too, but we only have so much space here.
Marvin Harrison - WR
1996-1997 Kansas City Chiefs; 1998-2000 Washington Redskins; 2001-2005 Los Angeles Raiders; 2006-2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
   Marvin, AKA The Man Who Refused to Retire, is who the great WTF Ernest Givins wishes he could have been. Let's crunch some numbers: 10 of 13 seasons with 1000+ receiving yards; 2 seasons with 2000+ yards; at this time the leading WR by over 5000 yards; receptions leader by over 150 catches; reception TD leader by over 40 TDs; 31.7 yards per reception; 9-time All-Pro selection; Raiders' AND Buccaneers' all-time reception yards leader. The only thing this man did not do is win the ring.
Ray Lewis - LB
1996-2005 Los Angeles Raiders; 2006-2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
   If LBs were measures only by their sack totals, then Lewis may not be a standout candidate, but he is the all-time LB interception leader with 30--3 returned for TDs. Don't get me wrong, his sack totals are nothing to laugh about with 93, but Lewis was the complete package of speed, strength, and hands. His glory days were with the Raiders where earned Rookie of the Year honors, 5 All-Pro selections, and 3 Defensive MVP awards.

2009 Inductees
Tiki Barber - RB
1997-2008 New York Jets
   Tiki came into the leage like nobody's business and tore things up from start to finish. He took home RoY honors in 1997 and a MVP award in 2000--the same year he led his Jets to the WTFbowl. He's currently 2nd all-time in rushing yards, which he earned by averaging an insane 12.8 yards per carry. As if that wasn't enough he owns--I mean owns--receiving yardage by a RB (he is currently 5th all-time in receptions at any position, and right with the top TEs in receiving yards). Throw in 5 All-Pro selections and you have a Hall-worthy player in Tiki.
Ty Law - DB
1995-2005 Cincinnati Bengals; 2006-2007 Minnesota Vikings; 2008 Los Angeles Rams
   For those QBs and WRs who played against Mr. Law and his Bengals knew they had to be careful. The successor to David Fulcher for a celebrated Bengals franchise, Ty had some of the softest hands in the business, but could also lay down some of the hardest hits from a DB. He garnered 7 All-Pro selections and was always near the top of the interception leader board each season. He was a key to Cincinnati's success through the turn of the century. Ty is currently 3rd all-time in interceptions.

2007 Inductees
Mike Minter - DB
1997-2003 San Diego Chargers; 2004 Detroit Lions; 2005-2005 Seattle Seahawks; 2006 Detroit Lions
    Minter was an absolute beast. With only 2 seasons with less than 10 picks, he comes in at #2 on the all-time interception list with 125. He led the Chargers to 3 Superbowl victories in 2000, 2003, and 2005. He's a 7-time all-pro and snagged defensive MVP in 3 consecutive season between 2001-2003. On top of his ability to hawk the ball, he could hit. Opposing RBs and especially blockers feared his beastly presence, which led to consistently shortened gains. TO be modest would be to say he was a team leader. But let's just tell it how it is and say that the man was a flippin' beast.
Aaron Glenn - DB
1994-2001 San Francisco 49ers; 2002-2005 Los Angeles Raiders; 2006 Detroit Lions
   Glenn entered as a rookie in 1994 and immediately became a presence racking in 6 picks in his rookie campaign when he won defensive rookie of the year honors. He was quiet for his sophomore season before erupting into an elite DB in the WTF. By the numbers alone he comes in 4th all-time in interceptions with 112 with 9 sacks. Glenn is a 4-time all-pro and led 3 teams to the WTFbowl--the '94 49ers, the '05 Raiders, and the '06 Lions. Despite never being on a winning bowl team, he racked in the 2005 defensive MVP when he recorded a career high 17 picks.

2006 Inductees
David Klingler - QB
1992 Washington Redskins; 1993-1995 Seattle Seahawks; 1996 New York Giants; 1997-1998 Tennessee Oilers; 1999-2001 Tennessee Titans; 2002-2003 Kansas City Chiefs
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
Warren Sapp - DL
1995 Seattle Seahawks; 1996-2005 Los Angeles Raiders
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
1990-2018 Seattle Seahawks
   Nicknamed the Reaper of Tecmo Souls, opus12 has supposedly led to the retirements of numerous WTF owners over its 19 seasons. While no one has confirmed or denied these allegations opus12's on-field record incites fear in most. Through 18 seasons he's ammassed 217 wins to a paltry 69 losses. On top of that he owns a 25-10 career playoff record. He has 9 WTFbowl appearances, 6 WTFbowl victories, 11 division titles, and 9 conference championships under his belt. He's coached 14 MVP/RoYs and sent 64 players to WTF All-Pro squads. Wow, just about had my Tecmo soul reaped just writing this up. The best the WTF has ever seen.

2005 Inductees
Kordell Stewart - QB
1995 Los Angeles Raiders; 1996-2003 Seattle Seahawks; 2004 New York Giants
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(
Mark Carrier - DB
1990 Cleveland Browns; 1991-1992 Los Angeles Raiders; 1993-1995 Cincinnati Bengals; 1996 Dallas Cowboys; 1997-2000 Chicago Bears; 2001 Arizona Cardinals; 2002-2003 Denver Broncos; 2004 Detroit Lions
    Criticized early in his career for his lack of speed, THE WTF's career leader in INTs (127) was somewhat of a late bloomer. The light switch didn't really turn on for Carrier until his 4th season - under the tutelage of Coach Lordsummerisle in Cincinnati. After reaching his 1st Pro Bowl in '93, Carrier went on to pick off an amazing 51 passes in a 3-year span from '96-'98, winning two Defensive MVP awards, and a Super Bowl ring with Coach BigMV (Cowboys, Bears). In addition to making 6 Pro Bowls, Carrier is the WTF all-time leader in INTs returned for touchdowns (5). Carrier goes down as one of the WTF's most dominant defensive players, and his single season record for INTs (24, 1998) will most likely never be touched again.
Chad Brown - LB
1993 San Francisco 49ers; 1994 Los Angeles Raiders; 1995 Washington Redskins; 1996-2001 Kansas City Chiefs; 2002-2004 Arizona Cardinals
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(

2004 Inductees
Emmitt Smith - RB
1990-1994 San Diego Chargers; 1995-2002 Seattle Seahawks; 2003 Detroit Lions
   Emmitt is the greatest player to ever set foot on the WTF field. No other player dominated quite like he did during his 14 year career. He holds every meaningful career and single season rushing record in the league by wide margins, including 10,000 more rushing yards and 100 more rushing TDs than 2nd place on the all-time lists. His 1999 season was arguably the finest among any player at any position, as he amassed an amazing 3060 yards on the ground and rushed for 38 TDs. He finished his career with 10 All-WTF selections, 3 MVPs and 4 Super Bowl titles. He now serves as VP of Player Personnel for the Seattle Seahawks.
Elvis Grbac - QB
1993 Los Angeles Raiders; 1994-1998 Pittsburgh Steelers; 1999-2003 San Diego Chargers
   Nobody cared enough about him...:(

2003 Inductees
Haywood Jeffires - WR
1990-1998 Pittsburgh Steelers; 1999-2001 New York Giants; 2002 Cincinnati Bengals
   Haywood Jeffires had a long illustrious career in the WTF playing for the Steelers, Giants, and Bengals. Throughout the 1990's he was the featured wide receiver in a pass happy offense. Jeffires was named an All-pro 6 times in his 13 year career and owns almost all career records for wide receivers including: Most Pass Receptions (86 more than 2nd place), Most Receiving Yards (over 2000 more than 2nd place), and a whopping 173 Receiving Td's (20 more than 2nd place). Haywood Jeffires was a consistent play maker throughout his entire football career.
Jimmy Smith - WR
1992-1997 Seattle Seahawks; 1998-2002 New Orleans Saints
   Jimmy Smith was drafted 5th overall in the 1992 draft (the draft slot acquired in the Barry Sanders deal). While the Seahawks dealt away a HOF player in Sanders, they also received one in the form of Jimmy Smith. Smith split his career between the Seahawks and Saints, but was outstanding with both ball clubs. He played 11 seasons and was a 4 time All-Pro and a Super Bowl Winner. Smith is 5th all time in Receptions, 3rd in Receiving yards, and 2nd all time in Receiving TD's. Smith also owns the top 3 seasons for yards per catch from 2000-02 averaging an astonishing 54.6, 54.1, and 52.2 ypc in those seasons.

2002 Inductees
Barry Sanders - RB
1990-1991 Seattle Seahawks; 1992-2001 Cleveland Browns
   Quite simply, Barry was one of the best running backs in the history of the World Tecmo Federation. Sanders was originally a member of the Seattle Seahawks before he was traded to the Cleveland Browns for a king's ransom prior to the 1992 season. He was worth every penny as he lead the Browns to a Super Bowl victory that same year. Barry left the league with nearly 20,000 rushing yards--second all-time. He is second all-time with over 200 rushing TD's, and first all-time with catches by a running back with 324. He also is the career leader in TD's by a running back with 62. He is a 3 time All-Pro, a Super Bowl Champion, and was the league's Offensive MVP in 1990. Oh yeah, and he ran for over 1,000 yards in 12 straight seasons. Something that may never be done again. Barry is one the most versatile and accomplished players in WTF history.
Wayne Haddix - DB
1990-1995 Kansas City Chiefs; 1996 Houston Oilers; 1997-1998 Tennessee Oilers; 1999-2001 Tennessee Titans
   Wayne Haddix was a mainstay of the Chiefs/Oilers/Titans franchise for 12 seasons. Haddix had blazing speed and incredible ball hawking skills. He was the epitome of a great defensive back. Haddix had at least 6 interceptions in every season--a staggering statistic. He was a 5 time All-Pro and helped lead the Oilers to a Super Bowl victory in 1997. Haddix left the league 3rd all-time in interceptions with an even 100, and also finished second all time in DB sacks with 10. Wayne Haddix was one of the most feared DB's of his time.
1990-2018 Buffalo Bills
   Brooks used to be pretty quiet on the boards and keep to himself in the early days of WTF. That quickly changed his second season as he burst onto the scene in a fierce division and posted 4 straight double digit win seasons, and took home the Super Bowl trophy in 1993. Brooks has an impressive 119-83 record (upon induction), but more important than his on the field accomplishments are his off the field ones. Brookstonfowler has made and continues to make the World Tecmo Federation the premier online Tecmo league. Through his programming and creativity he has taken WTF to heights no one could have imagined. His organization and calm demeanor have made him a favorite around here. Words cannot express how much this league appreciates the time and effort he has put forth into expanding this league and continually fine tuning the nuances of his baby "WTFphile". The phile is most likely the greatest accomplishment the league has seen and it continues to get better each and every day.
1990-2005 Cincinnati Bengals
   Lord was one of the original founders of the World Tecmo Federation, and the only one to participate in and govern it every season. His fairness and structure has become the foundation on which WTF now stands. His off-season Draft Rookies, Performance Gains charts, and season ending and rookie rolls are what makes this league one and only. His leadership, innovation, and hard work have made this league succeed throughout the years, and he should be acknowledged and commended. Oh, and don't forget about his on the field accomplishments as well. He has an insane 153-52 career record with 15 playoff victories. And get this: Lord has never had less than 10 wins in a regular season ever! He is the league's first Super Bowl champion and a consummate professional. He is truly the reason this league is still here and stronger than ever.

2001 Inductees
Gill Byrd - DB
1990-1991 Tampa Bay Buccaneers; 1992 Denver Broncos; 1993 Houston Oilers; 1994-1999 Seattle Seahawks; 2000 Los Angeles Raiders
   Legend. Excellence. Wheelchair. All three words come to mind when Gill Byrd is spoken of. After posting 40 total inteceptions in his first 4 seasons, Byrd headed out west to join a Seattle Seahawks franchise that was struggling to win its first championship. Under his leadership Seattle would break out and win three Super Bowl titles during his tenure. Byrd posted six straight seasons with double digit interceptions along with setting the single season INT record in 1996. He was also voted defensive MVP in 1995. Byrd was a 6 time All-WTF selection and retired as the all time interception leader. It is hard to argue against Gill being the finest defensive back to ever step on the field in the WTF.

2000 Inductees
Robert Clark - WR
1990-1991 New York Giants; 1992 Pittsburgh Steelers; 1993-1996 New York Giants; 1997-1999 Green Bay Packers
   Robert Clark was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1990 and traded to the Giants that same season. Blessed with gazelle-like speed, fluid movements and a tremendous leaping ability, Clark became a feared wide receiver for many seasons. Immediately he demonstrated that he was a complete player with phenomenal natural abilities. His first season, he recorded 34 catches for 1324 yards and 15 touchdowns and was a WTF All-Pro selection. He produced 9 consecutive seasons of consistency mostly while a New York Giant. Clark finished his career 2nd in receptions, 3rd in receiving yards and 3rd in TDs all time for receivers. He was named All-Pro also in 1994, 1995 and 1996. He was one of the most exciting players of his time. Clark considers himself a New York Giant 4-Life as evidenced by the tattoo on his stomach.
Greg Lloyd - LB
1990-1999 Cleveland Browns
    Lloyd was a 2nd Rd Pick in the original WTF draft to the Cleveland Browns. Within his nine year career he helped form a dominant LB corps for the Browns. Lloyd posted 5 seasons of 12 or more sacks. He was a 4 time WTF All-Pro. He led the league in sacks in a season twice and added 7 career interceptions to his resume as well. When he retired he was the 2nd all-time career sack leader. Greg Lloyd was the 1994 Defensive Player of the Year and capped all his accomplishments with the 1992 Super Bowl Ring.
Derrick Thomas - LB
1990-1994 San Diego Chargers; 1995 Kansas City Chiefs; 1996 Houston Oilers; 1997-1998 Tennessee Oilers; 1999 Tennessee Titans
    Derrick Thomas was a draft pick of CoolPapaRock's Chargers in the initial WTF Draft. There was much debate over this pick as many teams were jockeying position to select this linebacking beast. And for good reason. From 1990-1993 DT was the most dominant defensive player in the game. In this short period he amassed all 4 of his WTF All-Pro team nominations and was Defensive Player of the year from 1990-1992. He was first or second in sack leaders in each season between 1990-1993 and holds the 2nd and 3rd palce records for most sacks in a season. Though his production declined over time he is to this day the all time sacks leader and has a Super Bowl ring to his name as a leader of the 1997 Tennessee Oilers. In summation, Derrick Thomas is the most dominant linebacker the WTF has seen.

1999 Inductees
Ernest Givins - WR
1990-1994 Miami Dolphins; 1995 ; 1996 Dallas Cowboys; 1997-1998 Chicago Bears
   There's too much to say about Ernest Givins' dominance in the WTF than there is space to write. The man is, quite frankly, the best wide receiver to play in the WTF, and possibly the best player ever in the WTF. Givins boasts 7 All-pro selections, 1995 Offensive MVP, over 1,000 yards/season receiving, over 12,000 career receiving yards, over 140 touchdowns, a 40 yards/catch average, the 2nd most receiving yards in a game, the 2nd most receptions in a game, and most receiving TD's in one game. He also lead almost every career receiving record. In addition, he played an indispensable role to lead his Cowboys to a 1996 Superbowl victory.
William Perry - DL
1990-1991 Tampa Bay Buccaneers; 1992-1997 Denver Broncos
   The defensive line is an unheralded position, but William Perry was a consistent force. He was a two time All-pro making the playoffs only once. He is second all-time in sacks for defensive linemen and is 3rd for most sacks in a game by a DL with 3.
Jim Everett - QB
1990-1998 Cincinnati Bengals
   Jim Everett was arguably the best quarterback WTF has seen to this day. Originally drafted in the 3rd round of the original 1990 draft by the Cincinnati Bengals, he spent his entire career in Bengal stripes racking up impressive numbers. Everett was a six-time All-Pro performer who in his 9 seasons guided the Bengals to 7 playoff appearances, 6 Division titles, 5 Conference titles, and the 1990 Super Bowl Championship. Upon retirement, Everett was WTF's career leader in passing yards (19,444), completions (939), and touchdown passes (291--a record he still holds). He currently ranks second in career completion percentage (65.76%) and career passer rating (132.2). Everett posted the two best seasons ever compiled by a WTF quarterback in terms of completion percentage in 1993 and 1994, completing 72.78% and 72.26% of his passes, respectively. One underrated aspect of Everett's game was his scrambling ability. He rushed for nearly 2,500 yards with 25 touchdowns during his illustrious career. Everett also excelled in playoff action against premier competition, amassing 1,511 passing yards and 20 touchdowns. There's no doubt that Cincinnati Bengal legend Jim Everett will be fondly remembered as one of WTF's first stars and finest players.
Erik Mcmillan - DB
1990-1998 Buffalo Bills
    Erik McMillan spent his illustrious career solely as a Buffalo Bill. During that time he was a 3 time All-pro, 1993 Defensive MVP, and 1993 Super Bowl winner. 7 of his 8 seasons he recorded at least 5 interceptions and twice recorded double digit interceptions. He finished his career with 65 interceptions, 5 sacks, and 1 defensive TD. He had the 4th most interceptions in a season with 15, and was the key defensive leader for the Bills during his time on the field. He currently is the Bills' defensive coordinator.

1998 Inductees
Jim Kelly - QB
1990-1995 Buffalo Bills; 1996-1996 Houston Oilers; 1997 New York Giants
    Kelly was originally drafted by and played 5 seasons with the Buffalo Bills leading the league in passer rating in 1992. He is a 3 time All-WTF Team selection and led the Bills to a superbowl championship in 1993. Kelly established himself as on of the WTF's elite quarterbacks through his distinguished 179 TD/48 INT, .27 TD/completion and .04 INT/attempt ratios over his 8 year career. Kelly leaves the WTF with the 3rd best career passer rating at 126.9 and 3rd in career completion percentage. He also owns the 3rd best single season passer rating at 146.4 and is tied for the least interceptions thrown in a season at 1.
Brent Jones - TE
1990-1997 San Francisco 49ers
   As the first tight end elected to the WTF Hall Of Fame he has set the bar high for future tight ends. BJ was selected in the 3rd round of the inaugural WTF draft and played his entire 8 year career w/ the SF 49ers. For 7 of those 8 seasons he was an All Pro. He was a key part of the 1994 SF team that won the NFC title and made it to the Super Bowl. The following season he led the Niners to the best record in the WTF. Brent hauled in 266 receptions and 80 touchdowns over the course of his career. His 7,097 receiving yards surpasses the number 2 tight end by more than 1,000 yards in addition to 120 receptions over the number 2 tight end. Needless to say Brent belongs in the Hall of Fame and will be a fan favorite of the Niners for many years.

1997 Inductees
Bruce Armstrong - OL
1990-1996 Cleveland Browns
   Bruce Armstrong was selected in the inaugural WTF draft by the Cleveland Browns in round 9. He anchored the Cleveland offensive line for 7 seasons. Armstrong was amazingly consistent as he entered the league at 69HP and never declined in production retiring with 69HP. Armstrong paved the way for such talented runners as Harvey Williams, Otis Anderson, and Barry Sanders. The Browns averaged a staggering 2,350 yards on the ground during his reign as the offensive line captain. He also helped protect Rodney Peete during his tenure as Browns starting QB. Armstrong leaves the league as a 2 time All Pro on the offensive line and led the Browns to 5 straight playoff appearances including a 1992 Super Bowl Ring. Bruce Armstong was as solid as they come on the offensive line.
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