Your offseason duties and deadlines

  1. When week 16 is released you will have 10 days to have all 16 weekly games uploaded for stats to count. Any game uploaded past due (barring any extenuating circumstances or extensions granted by admins) will not be counted toward performance gain consideration.

  2. At any point past the week 16 deadline your team's aging ceremony can be handled. (See the page on aging for details of this ceremony). Inform an admin or post on the board if you would like to use a guaranteed contract on any player(s). The WTFphile system does automatic rolling and has been proven to be imperfect at recognizing performance gains in some cases (i.e. ties). If you notice afterward that a mistake has been made in the rolling ceremony simply correct it by getting with an admin or post on the board the error. Ceremonies are most likely to occur simultaneuosly with the playoffs, although if you're contending in the playoffs it is advisable to take part in the ceremony after you have been eliminated from the playoffs or until you have won the Superbowl.

  3. The college rookie draft is likely to begin before the playoffs are over as well. Look for posts on the message board concerning the start of the draft. The draft will start as a rolling untimed draft. 24 hours after the Superbowl game is uploaded the time limit will start. The 1st round will have a 4 hour time limit. The 2nd round will have a 3 hour time limit. The 3rd and 4th rounds will have a 2 hour time limit, and the 5th round will have a 1 hour time limit. If you know you will be absent for your selection send a list of prioritized selections to a trusted league member. If you fail to pick within your alotted time you will be skipped, and you may make your selection at any point after that, but you will have to select only from the remaining players. If you cannot make a selection due to a WTFphile error, report it ASAP on the board or someone who can represent you if you are unavailable.

    • The first 12 picks in the draft are first assigned by ranking teams by their regular season records. Then we use the following lottery draft values to determine first round draft picks:
      1. 1-249
      2. 250-449
      3. 450-589
      4. 590-719
      5. 720-799
      6. 800-864
      7. 865-909
      8. 910-939
      9. 940-959
      10. 960-976
      11. 977-990
      12. 991-999
    • The other 8 playoff teams maintain their position in the draft based on playoff performance and regular season record.

  4. At the conclusion of the draft owners will have 5 days to make trades. (KEEP IN MIND THAT DRAFT PICKS CANNOT BE TRADED MORE THAN 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE. i.e. in the 2000 season, I cannot trade my 2003 draft picks. I have to wait until 2001. This is to protect a franchise's future integrity)

  5. Final roster cuts must be made within 24 hours after the trade deadline (6 days after the draft).

  6. Free agent claims must be made within 24 hours of the roster cuts deadline (7 days after the draft). Normal FA rules apply during this 24 hour period, but no new claims may be made after the 24 hour deadline. KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU MAY NOT ACQUIRE FAs THAT WOULD NECESSITATE ANOTHER ROSTER CUT AT THIS POINT!

  7. Final roster are due within 24 hours of the free agency deadline (8 days after the draft). Ensure that you have applied all preformance gains earned during the offseason before this deadline passes or else they will be considered lost. You are allowed a 35 man roster. You must have 30 players on your active squad and a maximum of 5 on your practice squad. WTFphile will update your roster automatically if any of these conditions are not met.

  • DAL. 21@
      DET. 14